How to Support the Show

Would you like to support the Eve Reader podcast?

I would prefer not to accept personal donations, either in or out of Eve. I truly appreciate the kindness behind this kind of generousity, but I am uncomfortable accepting anything for myself. Instead, I would prefer that you helped by donating to a good cause.

For the past several years, my wife and I have been volunteers for Heaven on Earth, a “no kill” animal rescue organization ( They are class organization with a good mission. The website has a donation link at the top of the page and you can even put in that it is on behalf of the Eve Reader podcast in the comments (or not, if you’d prefer it that way).

If animals aren’t your thing then please consider donating to your country’s branch of the Red Cross/Red Cresent ( I’ve worked with them before as a part of my job and respect the time and effort they put in to help others.

This is my hobby and one I enjoy sharing with the community at large. These podcasts have been released to the public with no expectation of any kind of compensation. If you are a fan of the recordings but find yourself not in a position to donate, please don’t feel as if you are obligated to provide anything. Enjoy the recordings and feel free to say hello or send your feedback to me via the following methods :

In-game : Zendane
Email : zendane [at] evereader [dot] org
Twitter : @Zendane_Eve

Podcast kitty says thank you for your support!