Credit and Thank You

I owe a debt of gratitude to the community for making these recordings a reality.

CCP Eterne, CCP Falcon, CCP Antiquarian and all the other hard-working employees past and present at CCP. Thank you for both making this amazing game and bringing it to life via the Chronicles.

The Neocom Podcast, the Hydrostatic Podcast and the Podside Podcast for the publicity and for bringing awareness of the lore to your readers and listeners.

The Interstellar Privateer blog, the Roid Killers blog, and other fine sites that have linked to the Eve Reader website.

Telegram Sam and the Pod and Planet Fiction Contest for giving the writers of New Eden a chance to add to the rich backstory of Eve.

The members of Phoibe Enterprises for their feedback and critique (especially in the early episodes) and their constant encouragement.

Daniel (Chatta) B. for the website top banner.

Every person that has either provided or offered to provide a voice for the characters in the stories. Here is a list :

Episode 2 – And to Live in Peace
Diego Fox – Team Epsilon Leader
Fiscal Fox – Team Gamma Leader
Jaakran San – Team Beta Leader
Marcion Cravik – Team Delta Leader
TheJimma – Team Zeta Leader

Episode 10 – Methods of Torture, The Amarr
Amereilla – Horrifying Teddy Bears

Episode 27 – Intercession
Aran Hotchkiss – Rearguard Scout, Clueless Carrier Pilot
Callista Dalmore – Advance Scout, Uncertain Commercial Pilot
dose119 – Enemy Fleet Commander
John Klark – Prophecy Battlecruiser Pilot
Meitis – Commercial Fleet Commander
weasil421 – Wormhole Fleet Commander

Episode 44 – A Spider in her Web
Cyrillian Voth – Hassaan
Elinari Rhodan – Natalie

Episode 46 – Inheritance
Cyrillian Voth – Elder Mentor Matshi Raish
Elinari Rhodan – Inner Circle President Seri Okonaya
Iirithine – Devan Malate
Random McNally – Captain Marshal Sirdan xer Qosh

Finally, I’d like to thank my amazing wife for her support and encouragement in making these recordings.

Thank you, everyone. These recordings would not exist without its listeners and I am humbled by your support for the show.