Episode 37 – Two Deaths

Two Deaths
In the lore of New Eden, both the Amarr Empire and the Gallente Federation share an uncomfortable commonality – at one point in their histories, they were betrayed by a member of their leadership. Both the corrupt former Chamberlain of the Amarr and the former Grand Admiral of the Federation became hunted men within known space, evading those they betrayed… for a time. Eventually, each was caught and brought to justice. This chronicle tells the story of their ultimate fate.

This particular episode was suggested by the audience at the Eve Lore Panel. Thank you for the excellent suggestion!

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This episode uses samples from the excellent freesound.org website. Thank you for allowing the use of the following samples :

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Episode 36 – The Prophecies of Macaper

The Prophecies of Macaper
Last night I attended the Eve Lore Panel hosted by the folks at Hydrostatic Podcast. I was impressed by both the quality and the depth of lore analysis by panelists, and several times the “Prophecies of Macaper” were mentioned in connection to recent and upcoming events. Inspired by the enthusiasm of the panelists and the panel audience, I decided to record this Chronicle today.

Here is a link to Episode 36.

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