Non Podcast Recordings

Included just for fun, here are a few other things I have recorded.

CDIA Files: Drifter Battleships – I was asked to record a short clip for a fan-made project regarding the introduction for the Drifter Battleships within Eve Online. Credit for the video creation and the sound editing goes to SupGeneral.

The Eight Line Poem – As a fun little idea, Protovarious from the Neocom podcast offered the residents of Jita local the chance to earn some ISK by creating an Eve-themed poem. The resulting poem was so much fun we decided to record it as well!

For the game Elite: Dangerous I flew with the Mostly Harmless Test Group and recorded a few fun clips.

Mostly Harmless Fleet Operations – A recording of fleet operations within the game. I recorded the ending sequence audio.

This clip and this other clip – An apology (of sorts!) to pilots that crossed paths with us in Player-Versus-Player combat.

This clip was my ‘audition’ tape for the Radio Sidewinder music station. Timezone issues prevented me from pursuing this further, which is a real shame as their radio station is top notch. Here is a link to their station, which I often listen to both in and out of game.

And Finally….

This clip was something that was handed to me as a test to read a seemingly unintelligible set of sentences. Little did I know that it turned out to be a well known poem! Either way, the literary buffs out there may find this a fun listen.